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I drove past a solid line of coaches along Queen’s Road, Cambridge, between King’s College back gate and Silver Street on Saturday.  I muttered ‘Bloody tourists, I hate them’, seeing in my mind’s eye the unpleasant place the centre of … Continue reading

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Beechwood Runes

The soft, smooth bark of the beech invites lovers’ sgraffito; the union of minds and bodies is declared under the whispering trees.  Maybe the love will grow and mature with the tree, enduring from decade to decade.  But it’s a … Continue reading

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Fenscape 2

After two brilliant days of exceptional September sun today dawned shrouded in autumnal mist. Photo: Chear Fen, Streathan, Cambs & Streathan Old Engine, Streatham, Cambs      

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Cambridgeshire can’t boast that its countryside is a treat for walkers.  But the Fens do have their own special quality – wide spaces, distant horizons and big skies – especially when seen from raised dykes and river banks. Photo: Middle … Continue reading

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Brian Harris

I met Brian Harris at The Gogs Farm Shop, Cambridge, on Sunday 4th September.  He was promoting his book, ‘Brian Harris – …and then the Prime Minister hit me…’. Brian’s story is told in a 100 pages of narrative describing … Continue reading

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Elford Closes

Early morning at Elford Closes by the Lazy Otter, Streatham, Cambs, August 2016.            

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Landbeach seat

There is something rather romantic and elegiac about rickety empty seats by little used country paths.  Who has sat there, who is it waiting for? Photo: Seat, Landbeach, August 2016

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Beechwoods – maritime

My post on 29th July quoted from Robert Macfarlane’s The Wild Places: ‘From a quarter of a mile away, I could hear the noise of the wood in the wind: a soft marine roar.’     On a blustery sunny … Continue reading

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