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Fen Landscape – Paul Hart

Paul Hart (see post 20th September 2020) has a very distinctive take on Fen landscape, published to great effect in his three books Drained, Farmed and Reclaimed.  But he’s not impartial.  He shows a controlled, ordered, utilitarian landscape, a social, … Continue reading

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Shingle Street 24

Is there a single word that expresses Shingle Street’s sense of place?  I’ve described it variously as curious and haunting, alien and austere, words associated with its remoteness, the overwhelming size of the shingle bank and the always threatening presence … Continue reading

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Edgelands – Paul Hart

Press release about the new exhibition of work by Paul Hart at the Fen Ditton Gallery. ‘Few artist photographers have turned their critical lens on the Lincolnshire Fens: one of the most productive yet haunting agricultural landscapes in the UK. … Continue reading

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Joy of Prints

Processed film and prints arrived from Harman (Ilford to me) yesterday.  To quote Jason Langer ( from Black+White Photography No. 244: ‘I noticed my own feeling of indifference in viewing online photography.  I found and still experience it as cold, … Continue reading

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the others

the others, a stimulating new book from David Runnacles, showing what he says ‘are the leftover pictures, the others in all their otherness’. A hundred brilliantly seen pictures with so much to explore, so many intimate little interactions, in every … Continue reading

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Corona Diary

Are we about to go into coronavirus lockdown again?  It sometimes feels that we might, but I hope not – the hundred plus lost days from late March to early July now seem like a bad dream.  Most of my … Continue reading

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Shingle Street 23

Shingle Street now has two tidal lagoons.  A new lagoon has formed to the north of the original one, close to the cottage known as The Beacon, since I was there in December 2019.  At high tide today it was … Continue reading

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Madingley Hall

Sunny breakfast with DH on the terrace at Madingley Hall, looking out over the meadow and Capability Brown’s serpentine lake on the 10th. We puzzled over the architectural history of the house. I checked with Pevsner back home. The main … Continue reading

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Henry Moore

Two very different pictures from the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens on 9th September.

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What’s A Camera

Thumbing through an old diary I came across this cartoon recently. It’s an image I have often recalled over the years, but wouldn’t have known where to find it. I think it captures in a surreal way the mystery and … Continue reading

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Photography in Fiction: The Tribe That Lost Its Head

Browsing through an old diary yesterday, I came across the following entry: ‘Nicholas Monsarrat has just introduced two female characters into The Tribe That Lost its Head, photographers named Clandestine Lebourget and Noblesse O’Toole, would you believe.’ (16th December 1976). … Continue reading

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