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Reading Women 8

In the final session of her course Britta offered an explanation of why there are so many images of women reading.  Her starting point was that the paintings are overwhelmingly by men. First, the easy availability within the family of … Continue reading

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Photographic Ups and Downs

Thursday 27th was a day of photographic ups and downs. On the upside, the final version of my latest photobook, Footfall, was sent to Blurb for printing.  I tweaked a few of the pictures and included eight new ones that … Continue reading

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Walking 17

‘…the city’s potential for suspicion, curiosity, and surveillance…’

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Shutter Hub – Poetry

News from Shutter Hub; and an invitation to submit photographs. ‘We’re really excited to let you know that we are launching Shutter Hub Editions in 2021, our new publishing house. Shutter Hub Editions will be creating a collection of beautiful … Continue reading

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Covid 19 Day 98 28th June 2020

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100 Photos 062

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U3AC Photo Forum 3 – Photographic Resources

Tim Ewbank took us into the labyrinth of photographic resources today.  Available to inform and guide us are: paper (e.g. books, magazines); AV (e.g. films, TV); digital (e.g. websites, flickr, Instagram); museums and galleries (e.g. Science Museum, Photographers’ Gallery); and … Continue reading

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I mentioned photographers using traditional cameras in Venice in my piece about the Guggenheim on 20th September.  This photographer is going even further back: it looks as if he’s using a Box Brownie No.2 dating from the 1930s, or maybe … Continue reading

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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the eponymous character in a legend dating back to the Middle Ages from the German town of Hamelin.  The story describes a piper dressed in multi-coloured clothing, who is a rat-catcher hired by the … Continue reading

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Tourism – Discontent

‘Costing the Earth: Tourist Tide’, BBC Radio 4, 6th September tried to give a balanced view of the dilemmas posed by tourism’s costs and benefits.  This photo predates the current summer of discontent by almost ten years and shows that … Continue reading

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Guggenheim, Venice

The Guggenheim in Venice is one of my favourite small museums (or is at a gallery?).  It embodies Peggy Guggenheim’s dedication to the advancement of 20th century art – I think Giacometti’s Woman Walking (1936) is worth the cost of … Continue reading

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John Keats died in Rome in 1821.  He wished to be interred under a tombstone bearing only the words, ‘Here lies One whose Name was writ in Water.’  His friends, Severn and Brown erected the stone, but added a relief … Continue reading

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I came across this picture when I was filing a backlog of negatives.  It was taken on a Leica M6 with a 35 mm Summicron lens using Ilford XP Super.  The first image is a high resolution scan from Ilford; … Continue reading

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Photo taken through shop window and it’s not sharp.  I still like it though. Photo: Hands, Venice, October 2011

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Venice – Pietas

‘Pietas, Jan Fabre –cerebral and very beautiful white sculptures on a gold ground in a great unfinished hall of mellow, patinated walls; with fussy attendants making sure we put on slippers’  Diary note 12th October 2011 Photo: Scoula Grande Misericordia, … Continue reading

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