Bait’s Bite Lock 2

baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-4These three pictures from 27th December continue the sunrise theme stated yesterday.  I still have reservations about accumulating these views of rosy skies, while acknowledging that they are ever changing (see post Fenscape 15, 14th December 2016).


baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-5I never can quite get out of my mind Evelyn Waugh’s observation: ‘I do not think I shall ever forget the sight of Etna at sunset; the mountain almost invisible in a blur of pastel grey, glowing on the top and then repeating its shape, as though reflected, in a wisp of grey smoke with the whole horizon behind radiant with pink light, fading gently into a grey pastel sky. Nothing I have seen in Art or Nature was quite so revolting.’ (Labels: A Mediterranean Journal).

baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-6This comes back to the question of curating and the principle that sometimes less is more.  The continual repetition of many sunrises/sunsets results in an impression of sameness, whereas a carefully selected group can emphasise the distinctiveness that each day brings.  The second B+W article on curating advises: ‘We all need a sounding board, so who can we involve in this selection process?  It should be someone neutral…’

Photos: Bait’s Bite Lock, Milton, 27th December 2016

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2 Responses to Bait’s Bite Lock 2

  1. Sue B-H says:

    Finding someone neutral could be difficult. Unless it is someone whom one respects, I’m not sure that the person chosen as ‘the sounding board’ would work for me. And then one needs to go on and define whom one respects! The discussion could get protracted…………

    • brianhuman says:

      I think you make it sound more difficult than it is. We are not always the best judges of our own photographs, especially when it comes to favourites where some personal association attaches more importance a picture than the photographic and aesthetic qualities justifies. It’s not a matter of finding some kind of photographic Solomon, rather just someone who understands pictures and can advise and maybe challenge occasionally. I guess most of us will have people in our circles of friends who we respect – I doubt that they would be friends otherwise.

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