Cheltenham Signs

Cheltemham 160826Is this urban ephemera?  The signs are from a past age, mostly for products that no longer exist and hence ephemeral.  Yet, unlike modern advertising they are made to last, and have, and hence are durable, if not quite eternal.  The signs are fixed and give every indication of permanence.  But what happens when the house changes hands?  Will the new owner want their home so extravagantly decorated?  How ephemeral is the display?

Photo: Cheltenham, August 2016

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2 Responses to Cheltenham Signs

  1. Sue B-H says:

    This is an amazing collection of signs and let’s hope they are as durable as possible. Perhaps a condition of sale might be that they remain in situ.

    • brianhuman says:

      Possible, but might be considered unreasonable. I wonder if it could be Listed? Actually, as it’s in an otherwise harmonious terrace, it might be thought an eyesore.

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