In Plain View – One that got away

In Plain View 29 151001In my posting of 16th July 2016, ‘In Plain View – Final’, I showed the book that emerged from this project.  Since then I’ve filed negatives and work prints for easy reference.  Inevitably, in doing this I’ve looked again at all the pictures taken and often asked myself why I didn’t include this or that one in the final selection – and maybe regret some exclusions.  This points to the benefit that would have been gained from working with someone else on the selection, not exactly an editor, but someone who could bring a fresh eye to the task.



In Plain View 29a 151001I like to think that my selection process was fairly robust, but I did discover one image, posted here, that I don’t ever remember considering, in fact I don’t remember seeing it at all and it came to me as something new.  In this case I think I would have found room for it had I seen it.  Very definitely a case of needing a fresh eye.

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