Light 20

On Friday with a few minutes to spare I popped into Kettles Yard, Cambridge.  Browsing the bookshelves I found Light Spells a book of photographs by Kathryn Faulkner and Graham Murrell capturing and celebrating the fleeting moments of light as it plays across the rooms in the House.  I had seen and admired this book before, but it was far from being in the forefront of my mind.  What it does very beautifully is to provide an exemplar of what I’m trying to achieve, in my much cruder way, with the current ‘Light’ project.  As so often happens, you set out on  a photographic project only to find that some one has got there first – a Scott-Amundsen moment – and done it better.

Light SpellsPhoto: Light Spells







Light 20Photo: Light 20





Light 20aPhoto: Light 20a

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