Mother…, Studio Morison, Wicken Fen, March 2020

‘MOTHER… is new artwork by artists Heather Peak and Ivan Morison (of Studio Morison) that has been commissioned by Cambridgeshire based Wysing Arts Centre as part of the region-wide arts commissioning programme, New Geographies. New Geographies aims to bring contemporary art to unexpected places in the East of England.’

Mother…, interior, Studio Morison, Wicken Fen, March 2020

‘MOTHER… is a sculptural structure, a pavilion, that creates a new space in which you can contemplate nature and read or write within. It is inspired by writer Richard Mabey’s book ‘Nature Cure’, in which he recovers from severe depression through walking, watching and writing about the Eastern region’s beautiful and unexplored landscapes, and Heather’s childhood memories of visiting the landscapes of the Fens and the Wash. Ivan Morison explains why they chose to title their work MOTHER…’

“The ellipsis after MOTHER… suggests the omission of a second word to be added by the viewer: MOTHER EARTH connects to ideas of the natural world, its supporting qualities, but also our own responsibilities and personal connections to it; MOTHER LAND connects us to the place we belong, within this landscape, within a community, within a country. These are important and powerful ideas by which we define our identities; MOTHER SHIP makes us think of the sculpture as a vessel that might take us places – this could be on an imaginary journey around the solar system; or it could be a journey connecting the past with an imagined future” Ivan Morrison, artist. Text from–at-wicken-fen-by-studio-morison

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