Norwich Station Soundscape

Gordon, Norwich Station 13072414.30h-15.00h, Wednesday 24th July 2013.  Drone of waiting diesel units rising to a roar as they strain to move and pick up speed.  Soft murmur of voices punctuated by a laugh and an exclamation.  ‘This is a platform alteration: the 15.35 train for Great Yarmouth will now depart from Platform 4.’  Someone running in flip flops, slap, slap, slap.  Muted warning alarm of a luggage buggy.  Harsh grating of a metal chair being dragged across the terrazzo.  Rattle of cutlery. Blast of a whistle; wheels grinding over rails as an inter-city train growls out.  ’24 hour CCTV recording…’

Photo: Gordon, Norwich Station, July 2013

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