Ruckenfigur Reawakened

Although my ruckenfigur project reached a fairly satisfactory conclusion (see post 29th October 2013) I’ve not forgotten it entirely. My interest was recently reawakened by the following:
Vuillard - Deux_femmes_sous_la_lampe‘They are not, of course, abstract; they are pictures [by Vuillard] of (mostly) interior spaces, including the people who live and work in those spaces. Bodily position – a hunch, a crouch, a turning-away – is key; Vuillard bears out Edmond Duranty’s dictum that “a man’s back can reveal his temperament, his age and his social position”. But face is rarely key; the paintings may imply, even actively indicate, temperament or mood, but identity is irrelevant.’  Keeping an Eye Open, Julian Barnes, 2015, p.163

Valencia 2013 (130815)Photo: Parque Infantil Gulliver, Valencia

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