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Further to posts on 28/11/19, 14/2/20, 15/3/20 and 18/6/20, I’ve submitted five more photographs to Shutter Hub’s Postcards From Great Britain project – today is the final deadline for entries. This set covers Fen landscape, which I’ve explained as follows:

Bottisham Lock, Cambridgeshire, 2016

Flat and boring.  That’s how the Cambridgeshire Fens are usually seen.  I disagree.  I’m fascinated by the fen landscape, its feeling of space, its graphic qualities and its sense on being on loan until the waters return.  The embanked rivers, some winding, some arrow straight, keep the flood at bay; the Ouse Washes are a preview of a possible future.  The empty winter fields lend emphasis to the space.  The few vertical features draw the eye upwards, it is skyscape, sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, as much as landscape.  Pylons, trees and buildings take on a special sculptural beauty.  It’s an empty land of silence and solitude.

Chear Fen, Streatham, Cambridgeshire, 2017
Horninghsea, Cambrdgeshire, 2017
The Lazy Otter, Streatham, Cambridgeshire, 2017
Ouse Washes, Purl’s Bridge, Cambridgeshire, 2011
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