Take a Seat – Take a Moment 30

King’s Parade, Cambridge, 2012

I spent Sunday afternoon working on my book Take a Seat – I probably should have been finishing off some decorating, or outside gardening, especially as the weather was so good.  But I’ve been feeling increasingly unhappy with the book now that I have a dummy, it’s just rather dull and looks bitty.  J expressed reservations about including some of the older pictures on Saturday – the oldest dated from 1986.  Anyway, having slept on it I decided to make some changes.

Peter’s Hill, London, 2013

I went through the dummy and marked up all the pre 2010 pictures for removal, 23 of them.  I reviewed these again and decided to keep 10 taken between 2000 and 2010 that I felt made a strong contribution.  As I wanted to keep the total number about the same this left a gap of about a dozen pictures.  I went back to my files to identify possible substitutes.  I found 20 pictures that I might include, some making me ask myself, ‘Why didn’t I included this in the first place?’.  Once I’ve decided which to include these need to be integrated into the overall scheme; and at the same time I’m going to review the relationship between colour and monochrome images. The two pictures here will be included.

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