Analog Forever

Further to the previous post, here’s something from an interview with Bellamy Hunt, founder of Japan Camera Hunter, in which he’s asked, ‘Why do you think there’s been a resurgence on film photography?’

Bacchus, Museum of Classical Archaeology, June 2021

‘There are a few reasons, but the main one is nostalgia.  People want old cars, old watches and vinyl.  They want to collect the old fliers of the raves they went to back in the day.  The camera was a pivotal part of that experience of life for a lot of people.  There’s also this young generation who’ve grown up with everything in their life being on line from the word go.  And I think for some of them, film photography gives them this opportunity to not be online; to have something tangible that isn’t going to be shared or stolen, perhaps.  Who’s going to steal some negatives?’

‘Ultimately, people just want personal moments.  And photography is a relatively easy hobby to get into – you can still go out and buy a perfectly serviceable, workable film camera for 25 or 30 quid.  You can then go to town and grab some film and you’re good to go.  And that’s appealing; it’s different.’

Black+White Photography, Issue 254, pp50-51

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