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Embracing ‘both people and places’ is something else I’m trying to achieve with my travel photo book. It is important to recognise at the outset that the way the photographs were taken (largely on holidays) and the aspiration to bring together in a coherent way material collected over 30 years means that this cannot be any kind of social documentary. It is not possible to say anything very meaningful about the human condition. I also have an antipathy to carefully lit and composed portraits of people, ‘characters’ as local colour sitting in isolation from any context.

However, people, and encounters with them, are an essential part of the travel experience: they are important in their own right and shape identity and sense of place. The inclusion of a person or people may:
– Result in a telling image of that person or people
– Reveal the culture of a place
– Reveal activities that occour in the place
– Show how a space or place is used
– Provide scale to the natural or built environment
– And so on.

Jarduin di Luxembourg, Paris (920608(a)-36)Photo: Jardin du Luxemnourg, Paris, 1992








Place de l Ecole Militaire, Paris (880408-22)

Photo: Place de l’Ecole Militaire, Paris, 1988






Zanzibar International Airport, Zanzibar (990701-12)Photo: Zanzibar International Airport, 1999





Hurmuzi, Stone Town, Zanzibar (990627-19)Photo: Hurmuzi, Stone Town, Zanzibar, 1999







Mt Blanc, Chemonix, August 2008Photo: Mount Blanc, Chemonix, 2008





Quai du Louvre, Paris (880406-26)Photo: Quai du Louvre, Paris, 1988

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2 Responses to Travel – People and Places

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Brian. I’m impressed with these pictures. They do have something of HCB about them. What other gems do you have lurking in your archive?

  2. brianhuman says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for kind comments. Trawling through the archives is a substitute for making new pictures at the moment.

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