Avignon Trompe l’oeil in 2011

‘Legendary characters stealthily occupy the city of the Popes. During your stroll in the historic city, raise your eyes: following a street, behind a window you’ll catch sight of the Prince of Homburg, Scapin, Macbeth, Marianne, Lorenzaccio, Harpagon, Antigone, Hamlet, and many others … You’ll recognize the features of the great actors who embody them and where their voice[s] still resound: Gérard Philipe, Jean Vilar, Jeanne Moreau, Daniel Auteuil, Maria Casarès, Daniel Sorano and many others like the choreographer Maurice Béjart, the mime Marceau or Bartabas and its equestrian theatre. The painted windows are made by M. Pochy et D. Durand.’

Photo: Avignon, France, March 2011

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