U3AC Photo Forum 7 – What Makes a Good Picture?

Gerry Metcalfe, camera club member and photo judge of 20 plus years took the Forum through the challenges of judging.  The post on 21st July 2017 covers an earlier presentation to the U3AC by Gerry.  His views on judging? ‘It’s the image that matters.’  ‘There is nothing new in photography, so what do you look for in “originality” and “creativity”?’  ‘Don’t describe a picture as “nice”’.  ‘Ninety five per cent of judges give judging a bad name.’  ‘Judging images hasn’t changed much in my time.’  ‘You don’t have to be a good photographer to be a judge.’  ‘Judges tend to be techy, nerdy types and focus on technical quality.’  ‘It’s a thankless job.’  Thankless maybe, but necessary to feed the camera club obsession with competitions.  I can anticipate a judge’s view on the lamp post sprouting from the subject’s head in this picture.

Photo: Senate House Hill, Cambridge, June 2017

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