Five Facets of Photography: Ideas that Changed Photography – William Eggleston

The Red Ceiling, William Eggleston, c. 1973

In 1973-74 William Eggleston discovered dye-transfer printing. The process resulted in some of Eggleston’s most striking and famous work, such as his 1973 photograph The Red Ceiling, of which Eggleston said, “The Red Ceiling is so powerful, that in fact, I’ve never seen it reproduced on the page to my satisfaction. When you look at the dye it is like red blood that’s wet on the wall… A little red is usually enough, but to work with an entire red surface was a challenge.”  Eggleston’s work was exhibited at MoMA in 1976 and is regarded as a key moment in the history of photography, by marking “the acceptance of colour photography by the highest validating institution” (Mark Holborn).

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