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Roy Hammans ( shares my love of Shingle Street and has sent very kind comments on my book.

Love the book, thank you for sending it.

Although familiar with the location of course, it brought a whole new dimension to it for me. So much research has gone into it, I learnt so much! The diary approach worked very well, recording far more visits than I have made and really extending the narrative. Knowing how much in your life changed over the period covered also gave it added resonance. I really enjoy your writing style, very evocative and certainly deserving of a wider audience.

The photographs, as ever, are excellent, in fact I had already downloaded one from your blog ‘Percolation lagoon, October 2020’ so that I could make a print for myself. That image alone is a perfect record of the ever-changing site, much better than anything I’ve produced! I’m almost reluctant to revisit the place now – you’ve covered everything so well.

Shingle Street, Roy Hammans, 2019

It did prompt me to revisit the photographs I’ve made there. Many are colour digital that I’ve never really done anything with. But out of all the pristine views of what was a glorious sunrise in August 2019 one stood out after reading your book. I’d never even looked at it before as it was marked for deletion, the tripod head having slipped during a long exposure. But looking at it now, it seems to capture the elusive mutability of the whole place. I shall, of course, return to Shingle Street.

It is indeed a special place.

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2 Responses to Shingle Street Book – Comments

  1. Dave says:

    Thank you very much for the book. It really is a beautiful and evocative piece of work, not only in the photos but also in the poetic and bitter-sweet text. So well written.
    It evokes happy/sad nostalgia for my childhood where we would take a little train from Framlingham to these shingle beaches on the Suffolk coast.(although my main memory is of disappointment that there were no ice-creams or chips to be had).
    I concur wholeheartedly with Roy’s comments.
    You are producing a steady stream of books these days.

    • Brian Human says:

      Thank you for very kind comments, Dave. I’m particularly pleased that I’ve managed to evoke those childhood memories.
      The last book for a while, I think.
      Best wishes, Brian

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