Stile, Rampton Woods

I’m not sure if this arrangement on a footpath at Rampton Woods qualifies as a stile – a brief internet search brings up nothing similar.  It appears at first glance to be an ordinary three-bar fence, but the bars pivot about a pin in the off-central post to allow the left hand end to be depressed and stepped over (held down for the picture by J, out of shot).  Carefully cut chevron ended blocks at other end act as counter weights and return the bars to the horizontal when released.  A small plaque commemorates Brian Roberts.  Was he the designer and builder of this ingenious (unique?) well-crafted structure?  Note, dogs beware of the descending blocks.

Photo: Stile, Rampton Woods, Cambs, May 2018

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5 Responses to Stile, Rampton Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clappergate stile

  2. Billy says:

    Or should I say Clapper stile.

  3. Janet Pake says:

    Stile not exactly in the woods but it is in Rampton Park. It is behind Giant’s Hill and Ash Hill, not very far from the road. I do not recall it being there in my childhood in Rampton in 1940/50s.. The name Brian Roberts means nothing to me – I still maintain many contacts with Rampton – so it may well be that he wast he builder of the stile

    • Brian Human says:

      Hello Janet,
      Thank you for your comments.
      You’re right about its location, of course – I do tend to use ‘Rampton Woods’ as short hand for the whole area.
      The gate looks comparatively new, so wouldn’t have been there in the 1940/50s The identity of Mr Roberts remains a mystery.

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