Take a Seat – Take a Moment 16

The seated one might be taking the moment to gaze proprietorially at the view.  ‘The “tourist gaze” is explained by sociologist John Urry as the set of expectations that tourists place on local populations when they participate in heritage tourism, in the search for having an “authentic” experience. In response to tourist expectations and often cultural and racial stereotypes, local populations reflect back the “gaze” of the expectations of tourists in order to benefit financially. Tourists cannot bear all of the blame for this process however, as the aggressively promoted marketing efforts of tour operators, popular media, and local governments all contribute to the production of the tourist “gaze”.’ (Wikipedia).  This man might not be a tourist, of course.  He may well be a local taking a moment to enjoy the peace of a beach on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in May before the ‘sais diawl’ arrive.  Photo: Caerfai Bay, Pembrokeshire, May 2109

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