U3AC Photo Forum 12 – Landscape

Today the Forum discussed landscape photographs submitted by members.  Twenty-eight pictures covered mountains and beaches, hills and lakes, rocks and trees, sunshine and snow.  They ranged from carefully considered, technically accomplished views to album pictures more important emotionally to the person who took them.  Some people shared the stories behind the pictures and their intentions in taking them, enriching the discussion by making it about both process and outcome.

Questions.  B&W or colour?  To include people or not?  Is a seascape a landscape?  Does the portrait format work in landscape pictures?  Are they postcard/calendar pictures or something more?  If the area of sky is not adding anything should it be left out?  And subtlety or drama?  For me the quiet pictures of Pembrokeshire and Tuscany said more than the showy scenes of the Alps and the Himalayas.  Lesson: judge the photograph, not the subject.

Photos: 1. Chear Fen Farms, Streatham, Cambs, October 2017; 2. Ouse Washes, Purl’s Bridge, Manea, Cambs, January 2011

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