U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 14: Patterns

Nick Kerry ran today’s session on patterns.  He suggested that photographing patterns both helps us to see at things in different ways and reflects a natural human urge to seek structure.  Using 30 pictures from 45 submitted, he looked at the topic through five broad headings: architecture, arrangements, nature, structures and ‘one offs’.  Subjects spanned fur to frost and wine cellars to swimming pools; locations ranged from Tokyo to Hunstanton and Transylvania to the Isle of Wight.  Pattern types included abstraction and formality, symmetry and asymmetry, order and disorder, randomness and disruption.  Sometimes the patterns defied interpretation and sometimes there were pictures within pastures.  A few achieved the trick of evoking a completely different subjects – a building a microchip, roof trusses a whale’s skeleton. My photos below.

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