Ambivalent Auras (Classical Contrasts) – 38

Three more figures from Classical Archaeology. Off there this morning to take what should be the last set of pictures.

Augustus wearing the Corona Civica, a garland of oak leaves granted by the Senate to someone who they considered had saved the lives of fellow Roman citizens in battle.  Original in the Capitoline Museum, Rome. Cast transferred from the Archaeological Institute of Göttingen University, 1991.

Diana of Versailles: From a Roman copy of a bronze original dated to around 100 BCE.  Transferred from the Fitzwilliam Museum in 1884.

Barberini Faun: An example of what is sometimes called Hellenistic Rococo.  There is some doubt over whether the marble piece is a Hellenistic original, Roman copy or a Roman creation.  Transferred from the Fitzwilliam Museum in 1884.
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