Analog Deferred

Here is the ultimate in deferred gratification.  Tim Hannigan is interviewing travel writer Rory Maclean.

‘Look!’ he said, reaching across to his desk as I settled into my seat and switched on my digital recorder.  He lifted a small, hard object like a battery.  ‘I’ve just rediscovered this film, photographic film, Kodak film from I think about 1967.  And I exposed half of it and then I thought, “Oh, well, I’ll wrap it up and expose the rest later,” and I never did!  And what I love about it is the latent images that are there.  What did I photograph? What is on there?’

‘Can you remember?’

‘No, I can’t!  You know, they’re probably terribly boring and naff photographs.  But I just love the potential there.  I must never process it of course…’

The Travel Writing Tribe – Journeys in Search of a Genre, Tim Hannigan, Hurst, 2021, pp151-3

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